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'A Side Of Chile'

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Jesse loses an earring in eggs Junior enters the house Jesse tells Junior to 'Get a pad!'
Jesse talks to Little John Jesse tells Little John to 'Go!' Diego introduces himself.
John Sr., doesn't trust the Chilean Jesse and Diego talk Jesse and Diego talk some more
Der Biergarten Diego sees Jesse in her costume Diego tells Jesse she looks like the girl from the Ricola commercials
'Ricalo!!!' Diego tries to tell Jesse something Diego is introduced to Little John
Diego is rebuked by Jesse Darren explains to Junior why he doesn't call Darren needs to crash at Jesse's place
8,000 gnomes Junior says...nothing 'I don't like him'
Jesse tells Darren to leave her alone regarding Diego Jesse pretends she didn't see Diego outside Diego inquires as to what Jesse is doing tonight
They agree to do laundry together Jesse in her laundry dress Carrie puts her mother's pearls on Jesse
Jesse at the door The Warner men confront Diego 'We're just doing laundry.'
More confronting. Darren gets his gnomes, all 8,000 of them unfinished Darren doesn't want to accept the gnomes
Not-dating is fun! Jesse decides to stay and talk An unfinished gnome knocks against the car window
Darren can't sell the gnomes 'Gnome Depot?' Diego keeps perhapsing Jesse
Jesse tells Diego she can't go out dancing Jesse needs Diego to listen to her Diego and Jesse have a talk
Jesse only wants to be neighbors Diego leaves Der Biergarten Junior paints a gnome
Jesse has a one-sided conversation with Junior Junior still isn't saying anything Jesse wonders if she should have broken up with Diego
Junior holds the door for his sister Jesse waits for Diego Hearing the music, Diego comes outside
Diego has a bit of a problem with the fence door Jesse and Diego dance The dancing continues