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'Bees Do It, Birds Do It, But Not In The Car'

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Carrie explains that you DO need arms Carrie contemplating Diego thinks Jesse is trying to trick him
Jesse tells Diego it's a hard game Der Biergarten Junior expresses himself without language
John Sr. feels that it is his duty as a father to tell his son, Junior, that what he is doing is stupid Much to his father's annoyance, the non-speaking Junior has a girlfriend Diego gives Jesse a poetry book as a gift
The girls look at the book Diego tells Jesse about the book John Sr. reads over the book, knowing that it is something he doesn't like
Jesse and Diego make plans to get together late Diego doesn't actually kiss Jesse Jesse goes back to work, only a little dazed
Linda and Jesse discuss shopping, movies, and sex Darren tells his nephew about Niel Diamond 'A nine!'
Jesse looks herself over in the mirror After Darren runs upstairs, Jesse explains that Diego isn't going to be his new dad Little John has a question
Jesse prepares to leave Jesse recounts Little John's question to Diego While Diego listens uncomfortably, Jesse rambles on about fatherhood
Little John used to believe that little men lived in the toaster and toasted the bread with lighters Diego is somewhat upset by Jesse's story Jesse tells her woes to her friends at the bar
'I called him Dad' Linda thinks it can be fixed Jesse listens to her friends' advice
Carrie explains how a guy is much better than a bike Jesse's house Watching TV at the Warner's
Junior and Darren exchance glances after Little John asks them about 'doing sex' Junior explains to his nephew that what Little John's friend told him about sex is wrong Darren objects to Junior making him tell Little John about sex
Darren offers Little John a Snickers bar if he'll stop saying sex Diego's TV watching is interuppted by the door Jesse tells Diego to get his keys
Diego is somewhat worried about Jesse's request Little John still wants to know about sex Junior is drawing something
It's not an arm, it's not a leg... Darren tells his father what Little John has been asking about And no, what John Sr. told his son is not what sex is
Jesse and Diego in the car Jesse advances on Diego John Sr. tries to explain sex through a tale
Little John's sick Little John talks to his mother on the phone Back at the house, Diego prepares something
Jesse apologizes for the ruined evening Jesse watches Diego give her son cowboy tea Jesse tells Diego that when Little John is better, Diego is going to get so lucky