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Jesse Warner - Christina Applegate
Jesse WarnerA single mother of one, son "Little John" Warner, Jesse Warner never finished high school, but desperately wanted to become a nurse.  Her father owned the bar where she once worked, along with her two best friends, Carrie and Linda. (Season One)  When a young, good looking Chilean moved in twenty feet from her door, Jesse found herself stuck between romance and nursing. ('A Side of Chile') Complicating things were the rest of her family, her father, John Warner, Sr., brother John "Junior" Warner, Jr., and brother Darren Warner, all of whom interrupted her life daily, and sometimes depended too much on her. (Season One)
    Eventually, Jesse became a nurse (Season Two), and her conflicts moved away from her family, to those of her co-workers.  Once she became enraged when she discovered that a male nurse made more money than she did, and when she found out she would have to become a phlebotomist, she went ahead and did it. ('First Blood')
    Jesse's ex-husband, Roy, once came back into her life, wanting to take a more active role in their son's life. ('Boo! He's Back') Eventually, however, she kicked him out again, when Junior spoke for the first time in over a year to warn her of Roy's womanizing ways. ('Boo! He's Gone')
    Diego asked Jesse to marry him numerous times, and each time she turned him down, and she asked him to marry her as well. ('I Do, I Think I Do', 'Jesse's New Job')

Diego Vasquez - Bruno Campos
Diego VasquezDiego Vasquez came to Buffalo to pursue his dream of becoming an artist, much to his parents chagrin.   They've always wanted him to help out with the family business, wheels.   Diego, however, never liked wheels. ('The Parent Trap')  He immediately asked out his neighbor, Jesse Warner, ('A Side of Chile') and regardless of whether their relationship was on- or off-again, Diego became a part of her life, and the lives of her family and friends. (Seasons One & Two)  He was able to get a teaching position, and continued his artwork, although he is sometimes more interested in painting Jesse than anything else.
    Diego asked Jesse to marry him numerous times, but each time she declined him. ('I Do, I Think I Do', 'Jesse's New Job')

'Little John' Warner - Eric Lloyd Little John Warner
The only son of Jesse Warner, 9-year old Little John Warner has a strange family.  His grandfather owned a bar, one of his uncles stopped talking for over a year, and the other uncle comes up with get-rich-quick schemes. (Season One) In addition, his mother tries to balance raising her son, nursing, hanging out with her friends, and trying to keep her relationship with neighbor Diego Vasquez alive.
    Little John once pulled a prank on both of his uncles and his grandfather, when he pretended he had no idea what sex is, to try to get them to give him candy.  It worked, but then backfired when he eat too much, and ended up getting sick. ('Bees Do It, Birds Do It, But Not In The Car')

John Warner, Sr. - George Dzundza
John Warner, Sr.John Warner, Senior, is Jesse's father.  He owned a bar, Der Biergarten, but gaved it to his children when he went to climb Mt. Mckinley ('Bar Remodel'). John Sr. has his own opinions about anything and everything.  He knew the first time he saw Diego that the Chilean couldn't trusted, right after he asked to borrow a can-opener. ('A Side of Chile')   When Diego gave Jesse a book of poetry ('Bees Do It, Birds Do It, But Not In The Car'), John Sr. had no quick retort, but knew it was something he was against. 

NOTE: John Warner, Sr. only appeared in Season One

Darren Warner - David DeLuiseDarren Warner
Darren Warner is one of Jesse's two brothers, the other being Darren Warner.  Before working at Der Biergarten when his father left to climb Mt. Mckinley ('Bar Remodel'), Darren had no job.  He was, as his father put it, an entrepreneur. ('A Side of Chile') He came up with numerous get-rich-quick schemes, none of which ever worked out the way he planned them. 

NOTE: Darren Warner only appeared in Season One

John "Junior" Warner, Jr. - John LehrJohn "Junior" Warner, Jr
John Warner, Junior, known as Junior to just about everyone, is one of Jesse's two brothers, the other being Darren Warner.  For more than a year, Junior didn't speak. (Season One, up to 'Boo! He's Gone')  He finally broke his philishopical opposition to language to warn his sister about her ex-husband. ('Boo! He's Gone')  He used to work at a gas station before getting his job at Der Biergarten. ('Bar Remodel') Junior can also juggle, numerous different items...dolls, knives, balls, the whole deal. ('Goober Up The Nose')

NOTE: John "Junior" Warner, Jr. only appeared in Season One

Carrie - Jennifer Milmore
Carrie is one of Jesse's lifelong friends who worked at Der Biergarten before getting a job at the zoo.  She had a mad crush on Jesse's brother Darren, and was always scheming with Linda to get him to go out with her



- Liza Snyder
Linda, like Carrie, is one of Jesse's lifelong friends.  She used to work at Der Biergarten with Carrie and Jesse.  Because Carrie had the biggest crush on Jesse's brother Darren, Linda tried to help get him to go out with her, but ended up falling for him instead.  Linda moved in to Diego's house to house-sit, but didn't want to leave, so she became a squatter.


Kurt Bemis - Darryl TheirseKurt Bemis
Kurt Bemis is a nurse at the University Health Center where Diego teaches, and Jesse is also a nurse.  He is somewhat full of himself, and also has an unnatural fear of felines. ('First Blood') A jealous Kurt once started a rumor that Jesse was a thief. ('Jesse vs. Kurt') Kurt also loves to dance. ('L'eggo My Diego) He hurt himself while straining to lift a box ('Kurt Slips, Niagara Falls')

NOTE:  Kurt Bemis appeared in Season One in the episode 'Goober Up The Nose' as Nurse Kurt, but he didn't star until Season Two.

Danny Kozak - Kevin RahmDanny Kozak
Danny Kozak is a doctor at the University Health Center where Diego teaches, and Jesse is also a nurse.  Danny is Jesse's boss, who started dating Carrie. ('L'eggo My Diego') and went to Bermuda with her. ('The Dump')

NOTE: Danny Kozak only appeared in Season Two