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July 24th, 2002
-Addded four video clips to the new Video Files page which is under the Multimedia category
-Updated the "Jesse" On TV Page
-Added a
Lyrics page that has both the TV version and the full version of "Time To Be," the themesong to "Jesse."

July 24th, 2002
-Added a new
Cast Image to the site
-Tweaked the site

June 30th, 2002
-More tweaking to the site
-Updated FAQ

June 7th, 2002
-Redid the Image Galleries Page, seperating the images into four categories:
Cast Images, Images from Episodes, Promotional Images, and Non-"Jesse" Images.  Also, added four new promotional images to Promotional Images

June 5th, 2002
-Tweaked the main page, added a guestbook and a poll, as well as three banners that can be used to link to this site.  Also on the main page put up a site map.

June 3rd, 2002
-Updated the "Jesse" On TV Page
-Updated the Characters Page
-Redid the font on the entire site, it is now easier to read
-Changed e-mail address to

February 21st, 2002
-Updated the "Jesse" On TV Page

January 25th, 2002
-Updated the "Jesse" On TV Page
-Added some images of Kevin Rahm on "Friends" to the Image Galleries
-Added a page called Media Files where sound and video files will hopefully be found, as of now only the Opening and Closing themes from 'Jesse'.

September 22nd, 2001
-Added a promotional image from 'Jesse' to the Image Galleries
-Updated the "Jesse" On TV

August 31st, 2001
-Updated the "Jesse" On TV Page
-Updated the Episode Guide
-Updated the FAQ
-Updated the Characters page

August 18th, 2001
-Was informed of stations showing 'Jesse', one in India, the other in Belgium.  Added them to the "Jesse" On TV Page.